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Replacement Puzzle Piece

Replacement Puzzle Piece

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Has a piece of your puzzle gone missing, or become damaged?

With great care and skill, we can cut a new puzzle piece for you to replace it.

We require the surrounding pieces of the missing or damaged piece to remain together. This creates a 'frame' around the area that allows us to recreate a piece.

Please contact us directly to coordinate the replacement piece process: 800-353-3567 or

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Estimated Delivery

Generally, we need 3 weeks to prepare, cut, finish, and ship your puzzle. If you'd like your puzzle sooner, please contact us before ordering to see what options are available.

Piece counts are an estimate

Each puzzle is custom-made and entirely unique, so it is impossible to guarantee a precise puzzle piece count. Read More →

Choose your special pieces

Each puzzle can have a number of special pieces, like specific objects, words, or concepts you'd like represented. Read More →

Finished sizes vary based on the image

The final dimensions of your puzzle will depend on the image dimensions, but we typically plan on two puzzle pieces per square inch. Read More →

Not all difficulties are created equal

We have several tricks up our sleeve to make a puzzle more or less difficult, depending on the image chosen and your preference. Read More →