Annual Rental Club Membership

By purchasing a membership, you agree to an automatic renewal of your annual rental club fee in February of each calendar year.  This fee will be charged to your credit card that is on file.  If you want to cancel your membership, you agree to do so by selecting “cancel” from “My Membership” within 28 days after renewal or by sending an email to at any time during the year.  There is no refund of rental club fees if cancellation notification is made after the end of February in each calendar year.

You agree to make puzzle rental payments at the beginning of each rental period and agree to automatic recurring monthly rental charges until the puzzle is returned to Waterford Puzzle Company.  The recurring rental charges will be charged to your credit card that is on file.

A rental puzzle may be returned to Waterford Puzzle Company any time. However, there is absolutely no refund for rental payments even when the puzzle is returned early. Rental payments are not pro-rated.

Rental puzzles shall remain the property of Waterford Puzzle Company.  Rental puzzles are inspected before shipping to renters to ensure that all pieces are present and that the puzzle and its box are in good condition.  The cost of any damages is the responsibility of the renter after the puzzle has been received by them.  Other than normal wear and tear, you may be charged repair or replacement fees if damaged.

If you are in default of this agreement, Waterford Puzzle Company may terminate this agreement with you and charge your credit card for any outstanding balances.  If you are still in possession of any rental puzzles 5 days after we notify you of the termination, you will be responsible for the retail price of the puzzle plus all other costs including any legal fees associated with collecting payment for the puzzles.  Return of the puzzles as credit toward this obligation will no longer be accepted.

From: $300.00 / year