Rental Club Beta - FAQ

How much does the rental club cost?

There's a one-time $100 fee to join the rental club.

What are the rental fees?

Piece Count Rental Price
100-199 $105
200-299 $120
300-399 $140
400-499 $160
500-599 $175
600-699 $190
700-799 $210
800-899 $230
900-999 $245
1,000-1,099 $260
1,100-1,199 $275
1,200+ $290

What's included in the rental fee?

The puzzle rental, as well as outbound and return shipping. Your shipment will include a return label that you can use when the rental period is over.

What happens if I lose a piece?

There's a $79 fee to replace a missing piece. If the puzzle you received has a missing piece when you receive it, please let us know.

How long is the rental period?

Puzzle rentals are 3 months.

If I love my rental puzzle, can I purchase it?

Absolutely! Give us a call (1-800-353-3567) and we'll let you know how much it costs, and how to purchase.

When will the website be ready?

We're hoping for a January 2020 launch for the Rental Club on the website. You'll be able to manage your rentals, manage your payment methods, see what rentals are available, earn and claim rewards, and more! Your rental history will be available on the new website, even if you rent before it's ready to go.

How do I get started?

Give us a call at 1-800-353-3567 and we'll help you get started!