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Pricing and Sizing

Any artwork, any size

Each puzzle is meticulously hand-cut by one of our highly skilled artisans. And because we cut each puzzle custom, any artwork listed on our site is available in any size. When you've found the artwork you like, simply select the number of pieces you'd like from the dropdown menu before you add to cart.

If you'd like to provide your own artwork, the higher the resolution, the bigger the puzzle can be. Send us your image in an email——and we'll let you know how big of a puzzle we can cut.

The finished dimensions of any puzzle depends on the dimensions of the selected artwork. Generally speaking, we plan on two pieces per square inch. Approximate finished sizes are listed below, but should be used as a guide only.

For any questions, please use our Contact Form or call us at 800-353-3567.


Piece Count Pricing Approximate Size (depends on artwork)
75 $98.95 5"x7"
100 $224.95 6"x9"
200 $519.95 10"x10"
300 $899.95 11"x14"
400 $1,359.95 12"x17"
500 $1,899.95 14"x18"
600 $2,519.95 15"x20"
700 $2,939.95 16"x22"
800 $3,199.95 18"x22"
900 $3,419.95 19"x24"


$3,599.95 20"x25"
1,100 $3,749.95 21"x26"
1,200 $3,889.95 24"x26"