Announcing Our New Pricing

We are thrilled to be able to announce new lower prices on all larger puzzles (200 pieces and up). This is a culmination of nearly two years work to trim costs and streamline operations. We have done this while sticking religiously to our exceptionally high quality standards.

Our goal is to make the best hand-crafted, luxury wood puzzles in the world and to put them in reach of as many people as possible. The new pricing, for example, lowers the cost of a 300-piece puzzle by 31%. We want more people to experience the craftsmanship and excitement of dozens of recognizable specialty pieces and of seeing a masterpiece come together.

Every Waterford Puzzle is itself a work of art. No two pieces and no two puzzles are ever the same. Each puzzle is made of the finest materials available to last for generations. Creating a Waterford Puzzle is a time-consuming and difficult process, but we think you’ll agree the result is worth it now more than ever!