• Save 25% off any custom puzzle (100+ pieces)
  • Get a bonus mini puzzle (~45 pieces) that we'll gift wrap and mail to a friend or family member with a personal note from you
  • Enter promo code BONUSDAY25 at checkout

This bonus day rolls around only once every four years. Why not get something special for yourself and someone you care about. Pick a puzzle for yourself and save 25% (the best sale of the year) and… share some puzzle love with a friend. Choose from a curated selection of artwork for the mini puzzle.

Pay-it forward with a one-of-kind hand-crafted wood jigsaw puzzle.

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How will the free mini puzzle work?

The free mini puzzle will be added to your cart automatically when you add a qualifying custom puzzle (you'll get a free mini puzzle for each qualifying puzzle you purchase, though only one mini puzzle product will be added to your cart).

We'll be in touch with you after you place your order to get details for the free mini puzzle from you, including the information for the intended recipient.

Can I gift the mini puzzles in person instead of having them shipped?

Yes, we can send you the gift wrapped mini puzzle for you to hand deliver to the lucky recipient(s).

Can I choose the image for the free mini puzzle?

Not all of our artwork is available for the mini puzzles, but you'll be able to select your favorite artwork from a curated list of images we'll provide you after your purchase.

Can I choose any special pieces for the free mini puzzle?

Due to the size of the puzzle (~45 pieces), we're not able to accommodate any requests for special pieces on the free mini puzzles.