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The most beautiful puzzle your family will ever assemble.

Gather your entire family around the table to work on a puzzle together.
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Handcrafted just for you.

We've mastered the art of puzzle cutting over the last 30 years so that you and your family can enjoy our heirloom-quality puzzles for generations to come.

Celebrate a wedding, anniversary, birthday, holiday, or any other special occasion with a custom puzzle cut by one of our artisans.

The way puzzles were meant to be cut.

Using extremely fine blades on scroll saws, we can achieve a level of intricate detail and customization you can't get elsewhere.

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You pick (or supply) the artwork

Use your own images, or choose from our carefully curated selection of puzzle artwork. We license with the best artists to bring you beautiful puzzles.

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You choose special pieces

We can cut approximately 5 special pieces per 100 pieces. Whatever you'd like included, we'll design and work into your custom puzzle.

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We cut your puzzle by hand

Each piece is meticulously cut by hand and checked for quality. You'll love the way the pieces feel as each one locks into place.

We've been handcrafting puzzles for over 30 years.

We're no strangers to puzzles. Originally founded in 1987 as ELMS Puzzles, we've been refining our cutting technique ever since to bring you the world's finest wooden puzzles.

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Find the perfect artwork for your puzzle.

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