Office Assistant

General Information

About The Waterford Puzzle Company: The Waterford Puzzle Company is a small, family-style business operating out of Bridgton, Maine. Started in 1987, originally called “ELMS Puzzles,” the legacy of artisan-crafted, hand-cut wooden jigsaw puzzles is upheld in our standards of puzzle production and quality. Our team works closely together to generate custom heirloom-quality puzzles and we value our culture of positivity, care, and collaboration. 

Our address is 91 Home Run Road in Bridgton, Maine. Employment will require working at our studio in Bridgton.

Job Overview: The Office Assistant helps to keep the office flowing in a number of ways, including but not limited to mounting puzzle artwork, shipment of orders, office maintenance and inventory management. The Office Assistant understands the process of puzzle production and assists as needed with any of the tasks involved, as possible and as needed.

Pay Range: $12+/hr

  • Pay increases viable as skills increase and longevity within the company

Reporting Relationship: Reports to Owners, works most closely with Office Manager, engages in regular, clear, collaborative, and effective communication with Office Manager, Puzzle Cutters, Puzzle Instructor, Puzzle Finisher, and Art Manager as needed

Hours: Employee must be flexible in relation to ebb and flow of demand/holiday rush. Typical week is 15-20 hours/week. Employee sets their own schedule/hours after training is complete, but needs to adhere to that schedule and come in during regular intervals in the Monday - Friday window sometime during business hours (7am - 6pm)

Job Responsibilities

This job will include a 3-month probationary period for both employee and employer to ensure a good fit and working relationship.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Artwork Mounting: Employee will mount printed artwork onto wood with understanding of order priority/schedule, and project production schedule (working closely with the Office Manager)
  • Shipping: Understanding and detailed execution of the shipping process, including but not limited to:
    • Packing and shipping of custom puzzles
    • Packing and shipping of rental puzzles
    • Acceptance of returned rental puzzles and preparation for the next rental
      • Inspection, piece counting, weighing, dusting, edge gluing
    • Taking shipments to post office as needed
  • Inventory: Awareness of, tracking of, and ordering office inventory, which may include but is not limited to: puzzle boxes, tissue paper, stickers, cards, inserts, puzzle supplies (wood, tape, paper, ink, glue, etc.), saw maintenance supplies (blades, oils, etc.), day-to-day office supplies (paper towels, soap, cleaning supplies, etc.)
  • Office Maintenance & Cleanliness: Keeping kitchen clean throughout the week, bathroom cleaning (weekly), and weekly vacuuming of the studio floors, and saw stations
  • Photo Taking: Taking numbers of photos on a weekly basis of the puzzle studio, individual puzzles, and other social-media minded imagery, sending to Owners to use for marketing purposes
  • Puzzle Production Reports: Log production information into spreadsheet upon completion of each puzzle

Secondary Responsibilities:

  • Puzzle Finishing: Understanding of and assistance of puzzle finishing when needed, working closely with the Puzzle Finisher to understand processes and assist.

Qualifications & Skill Requirements:

  • Will consider a variety of education levels, provided the responsibilities and qualifications can be met
  • Extraordinarily comfortable with and high-level working knowledge of technology: internet usage, Mac computers, Google docs, smartphones, social media, etc.
    • Willingness to troubleshoot problems and find solutions
  • Good understanding of photography: photo composition, camera usage (phone camera okay), lighting principles, etc.
  • Excellent personal organizational skills: employee will be setting and adhering to their own schedule and needs to organize all necessary tasks within their chosen timeframes
  • Extreme attention to detail and office processes
  • Ability to lift up to 50lbs
  • Personal accountability and reliability: ability to stay on task without hand-holding and micro-management
  • Self-starter attitude: seeing what needs to be done, and jumping in, as well as ownership of job and tasks involved.
  • Willingness to learn, receive instruction and criticism in a non-defensive way, with ongoing feedback
  • Excellent communication skills - willingness to discuss processes, project updates, workflow, schedule, etc. with all members of the team to ensure orders are generated and shipped in a timely manner (10 days from order date to shipment), as well as informative communication to team members and prompt responses
  • Willingness to be a team player, work as part of a collaborative team member, pitch into other areas of puzzle production as/where/when needed

To apply, please email a resume to lizzy@waterfordpuzzles.com. A cover letter is not necessary, though you may use the body of your email to briefly explain why you feel you'd be a good candidate (information the resume doesn't already tell us), and why this position applies to you. Photography examples welcome.