Cutter's Choice Puzzles

The Waterford team of artisans has precut these luxury puzzles with the same attention to detail as when crafting a custom puzzle. Fresh out of the workshop, these new Cutter’s Choice puzzles (with special pieces chosen by the cutter) ship within two business days after purchase.

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Sea Breeze Path

Chuck Pinson

453 Pieces

Vincent van Gogh

309 Pieces
A Little Place in the Country

Merry Kohn Buvia

464 Pieces
Midnight Excuses to Grandma

Victor Nizovtsev

326 Pieces

Corbert Gauthier

430 Pieces
Field Trip

Abraham Hunter

206 Pieces
The Old Mill Stream

Terrance Fogarty

112 Pieces
Fishing for Dinner

Bonnie White

210 Pieces
Valentine Treasure

Susan Rios

110 Pieces
Martha's Vineyard

Eric Dowdle

327 Pieces