The Big Bang
Used Rental Puzzle — Cutter's Choice

The Big Bang

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Piece Count 304
Difficulty Intermediate
Dimensions 11.34" x 14"
Border Regular
Bonnie White
Puzzle Cutter
Times Rented 1

More About Our Used Rental Puzzles

Previously Part of the Rental Club

Our used rental puzzles have been part of our Rental Club and have been rented and returned at least once. They may appear and feel gently used rather than brand new. To see the number of times a puzzle has been rented, please read the puzzle description.

Specialty Pieces Selected by the Cutter

Generally speaking, we include 5 specialty pieces per 100 pieces in a puzzle. The specialty pieces in a used rental puzzle are selected by the cutter, and relate to the theme of the image, often integrating cleverly into the artwork.

Shipping and Delivery

Because used rental puzzles are already cut, these puzzles are usually shipped out within 1-2 business days. Delivery estimates are available at checkout.

Guaranteed Waterford Quality

While the pieces may be used, you can expect the same level of quality and attention to detail you’ve come to know and expect with our used rental puzzles.