Great Train Robbery

In the fields outside the seaside village, livestock take notice as children abandon their picnic to take a joy ride on the train.

Hanging Around

An array of colorful buoys hang outside the fishing hut, slightly swaying in the ocean breeze.

Lady in Orange

A young lady wears a beautiful orange dress and hat as she anticipates her next adventure in the city.

Moon Flower Dreams

As fireflies hover about, a sweet little child slumbers in the moonlight atop a beautiful flower. 


It’s a race to the finish at the colorful vintage cars buckle the road speeding along the desert highway.

Laguna Beach California

Residents and visitors are enjoying the beach and it surrounding city on a warm, sunny day.

Dancing Bears

On a sunny day near the lake, a group of bears are joined by forest friends as they sing and dance to tunes strummed on a guitar.