The delights of summer are all depicted in this whimsical and nostalgic work. Colorful!


A picturesque gondola awaits you in Venice! Enjoy an imaginative interpretation of this beautiful, historic city.

Out of Port

All in a day’s work, a crew of fisherman troll through the ocean on their boat during a windy, clear day.

Well-Offed in Vermont

A crow and a broken pot of daises stand in the forefront of this piece, symbolizing the end of Summer and the coming of exquisite Fall!

Mrs. Walter Rathbone Bacon

In this non-traditional portrait, a lovely woman, Mrs. Walter Rathbone Bacon, sits casually with her faithful dog.

Out to Pasture

Sheep are mulling around old farm implements and vintage autos during a warm autumn afternoon.

Spring Break Up

A helpful farmer hitches his team to the school bus to help pull it from the ground that is softened and flooded from the warming spring days.

Tracking Memories

On a brisk day, a train rumbles through the town of Grand Rapids in the days of yesteryear.


The elegant, historic city of Geneva, Switzerland as seen through the whimsical eyes of the artist.


Sunny Ghana, with ample tropical vegetation and glorious sunshine!